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If you had to make a list of some of the most valuable enterprise marketing automation solutions available today, Pardot from Salesforce would undoubtedly be right at the top... but at the same time, it certainly isn't built to make your life any easier. The problem is that it doesn't come with any "ready-to-go"  landing page templates like you would find on competing services, which means that you're essentially on your own... unless you choose to partner with a team of experienced, passionate and savvy professionals like Sherpa53 for all of your Pardot landing page templates needs, that is.

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“You can trust Sherpa53 to understand what is needed, improve on your ideas, and take you through a beginning to end process that will deliver a great online marketing system.”

CALVIN QUEK, Brightmark - Lead Salesforce Consultant

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Why Landing Pages Matter


To say that a landing page is an important element of your lead management or lead nurturing campaign is a little bit of an understatement. It's also something that far too many people fail to understand - as evidenced by the fact that 44% of B2B companies still direct leads back to their home page, not a special and highly specific landing page for a particular product, service or offer.

But when executed properly, landing pages actually unlock a wide range of benefits that you simply aren't going to be able to match anywhere else. A well-designed landing page is optimized to directly support both your business and its goals. Not only does it go a long way towards increasing conversions, but it's also a perfect opportunity to generate the type of data and insight you need to strengthen and empower the rest of your campaign.

Not only that, but landing pages improve both paid search campaigns AND your larger search engine optimization efforts - all of which coalesces into the type of situation that you can't afford to ignore any longer.

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The Sherpa53 Approach


At Sherpa53, we believe that modern digital marketing brings together the best qualities of both technology and art into one effective communication tool - which is why our Pardot landing page templates are so important to your success as a business.

It's important to think about landing pages as what they truly are - an opportunity to make a great first impression with a member of your audience. Based on this, it makes perfect sense that not only do companies get a 55% increase in leads when increasing their total number of landing pages from 10 to 15, but companies with over 40 landing pages actually tend to get more leads than those with five or less! So once again, this means that you're going to be creating a lot of landing pages to run the best campaign possible - which isn't necessarily something that Pardot is set up to do on its own.

But together, leveraging the full might of Salesforce's technology and the two decades of expertise that Sherpa53 brings to the table, we can help make this happen:

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    Our landing page templates allow you to leverage the full force of Salesforce's Pardot solution to your advantage, building thoughtfully designed landing pages that do more than just impress visitors - they present a perfect first step to turn them into leads, then customers, then repeat customers and beyond.

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    In addition to creating the types of landing pages that make the most out of Pardot's existing capabilities, our designs are also laser-focused on return on investment that allows you to track leads down to the individual visitor. We can help you build custom landing pages for every offer, need or purpose that you have - fully customized for your business' brand and integrated with all of your existing Pardot forms.

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    It's no secret that getting landing pages built and properly tested is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers today. Now, thanks to Sherpa53 and our Pardot landing page templates, this is one situation that you don't have to worry about any longer. Together, we can help build the type of incredibly specific and impossibly effective landing pages that will keep your visitors on your page and focused on your offer longer than ever.


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“I was most impressed with the amount of research and planning they put into creating and implementing our vision. Our website has brought tons of business, exposure and praise. Other than having an outstanding business mind, Nate has been a supportive and honest guide throughout the entire process.”

Mantis Energy - CEO
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"Sherpa53 helped us get to the point where we're now seeing over 20 new leads come in through our website per month.We gained a great amount of insight from working with them and will continue working with them going forward. I'm happy to recommend Sherpa53 as your digital agency of record."

Roka Security - CEO and Founder
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"Sherpa53 understands challenges MSPs and VARs face and helped me organize my marketing in a way that has allowed us to measure return on investment. Our website is now a secret member of our sales team and we know generate more leads online than we do any other way."

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