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MSP Marketing: Expert, Data Driven Marketing for Managed Service Providers

MSP Marketing: Expert, Data Driven Marketing for Managed Service Providers

MSP Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

As an MSP, you are selling a unique, high ticket item that differs from anything else in the marketplace. You need to be able to clearly showcase your unique selling proposition in an easy to understand but high-level way throughout a sometimes-lengthy sales cycle. A traditional marketing company or old school approach simply won’t work; the techniques that work for a dentist, home services brand or consumer product simply don’t resonate with your target market.

You need an expert to relay the clear benefits of working with an IT service provider to your prospects and to help you position your brand as an expert in your field. While an MSP marketing plan many use some of the same tools as traditional marketing, the delivery, timeline and amount of detail are very different.

Who Needs IT or MSP Marketing Services

Not sure if you need assistance or not?

Here are a few ways to tell you need extra help with marketing and to determine if marketing services are right for you at this time. You can use IT marketing service assistance if:

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    You have a website, but it is not generating leads for you

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    You want to grow your business, but simply do not know where to start

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    You are ready to scale up but don’t want to spend money in the wrong places

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    You know you need to market your business but are simply too busy to do so

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    You’ve purchased ads, but they just don’t seem to be working

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    You’re rolling out a new brand, new services or looking to increase your rates

As a marketing agency that specializes in IT and MSP services, we know that the above factors are key indicators that your brand could benefit from some extra assistance and our marketing expertise.

If one or more of these points describe where you are now, it’s time to see what a difference our focused and expert approach could make for your brand. We help businesses just like yours take control of their marketing and generate consistent high-quality leads from their website.

MSP Marketing Campaign Types:

While every brand is unique, most MSP marketing campaigns fall into one of two categories presented bellow. The model you choose for your brand will depend on your goals and needs – and your approach could even evolve over time.


Campaigns that target a local market or specific care using hyperlocal SEO and the power of Google AdWords to identify and target prospects


Vertical campaigns use inbound techniques, including content marketing and email marketing to engage with prospects and to inform, delight and educated potential clients.

Why MSP marketing services?

While referrals and word-of mouth are ideal ways to find clients, they simply don’t give you enough control over your new leads or revenue. Those slow months with no leads can throw your entire budget off – even if you have other months that perform better. Taking control of the revenue helps you plan, and allows you to spend more time actually running your business.

What to Expect from our Data Driven and Effective MSP Marketing Approach:

In-depth Strategic planning:

We start with an intensive planning process that looks at every part of your business, from your goals to your social networks and makes the most of your strengths. We use this time to create a powerful plan that incorporates the marketing tools and approaches needed to connect your brand with the leads you need to succeed.

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    A review of your existing site and full optimization as needed.

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    We carefully research the right terms and then ensure you are optimized for both search engines and human readers.

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    Data driven planning ensures the money spent on PPC campaigns gets the best possible results for your brand.

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    High quality content in a variety of formats ensures that your prospects become informed about your brand and the benefits of working with you. It also keeps them coming back for more and positions you as an authority in your space, giving you an unbeatable competitive edge.

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    Guest publishing, speaking, joint ventures and other advanced marketing tactics.

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    Thorough analysis and review of your metrics ensures your brand is spending money and deploying assets in the right way.

Expert, Data Driven Marketing

for managed service providers

We’re not a traditional marketing agency that takes a hands-off approach. Instead, we partner with our clients to ensure that they get the best possible return for their marketing investment. If you’ve dreamed of having a fully staffed marketing team – along with an experienced CMO – on your side, then we can help you grow your business and generate as many leads as you can handle on a consistent basis.

Schedule a call today to see the difference the Sherpa53 approach can make.

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