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Pardot, Hubspot and Marketo are powerful marketing tools, but to really get the most out of them, you need to have the assets to support your campaigns – email templates, landing pages, thank you pages, email preferences pages and downloadable resources. At Sherpa53, we believe a professional approach goes a long way in building trust with your buyer.

Email Templates

Email templates need to do two things. First, they need to look great on all devices and email clients. Depending on your industry, up to 93% of your customers might be viewing your emails on mobile phones. And second, they need to be easy to edit with stable and reliable content regions and styling. At Sherpa53, we make sure our templates do both.

Our email templates are adaptable for both mobile and desktop. Sections can be added or removed depending on the content of each email.

Landing Pages

Landing pages have one primary job: collect email addresses. We design landing pages with conversion centered design at the core. Directional cues, contrast, white space, social proof and form placement should all be incorporated to give your pages the maximum conversion.

The Roka Security landing page uses visual cues to direct the reader to the form that stands out from the rest of the background.

Thank You pages

Thank you pages are an opportunity to move your customer one step further down the buying journey. Instead just saying “thanks,” we use thank you pages to show testimonials, case studies, and other middle of the funnel content.

Our ebook thank you page shows a case study relevant to the topic of the ebook, moving our customers along the buying journey.

Email Preferences Center

Rather than allowing your subscribers to unsubscribe at the click of a button, why not give them a chance to change the way they hear from you instead. Email preferences pages decrease unsubscribe rates by reminding the reader why they opted in in the first place, and allow them to change their subscription rather than removing it all together.

The Secure Anchor email preferences page gives readers an option of switching topics rather than leaving completely.

Calvin Quek
Brightmark, Principal

"We've worked with Sherpa53 to build our website and Pardot funnel. They exceeded our expectations and we were able to completely fill our sales pipeline in under a year. We now partner with Sherpa53 on our own clients' projects that help move the needle in a big way."

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