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How to migrate your blog from Hubspot to WordPress

Everyone knows that Hubspot is rather interesting and useful tool for automation of your marketing processes and building relationships with your customers. But it has some valuable disadvantages, which can be very important for many Internet users.

First of all, it’s rather expensive. If you are a new person to Internet marketing, you usually have no opportunities to pay a lot for these purposes. Hubspot costs from $200 to $2500 per month, billed annually.

The next thing is that you can not fully set up, how your Hubspot platform works. It has predefined algorithms and templates — so, you will not be the chief of your Internet Marketing.

And the last thing is that Hubspot website and platform are not scalable. If you want to organize e-shop or add membership functions, it will be hard to realize on Hubspot.

In this situation we found a great solution — transfer all the Hubspot content and function on the WordPress site. It’s free, highly scalable and customizable. Let’s try to do it!

The Problem

When we started the migration process, we’ve meet the first and most important problem — there is no special plugin, service or function to transfer all the Hubspot content to your new WordPress website. We’ve spent some days, trying to find the easiest solution. After no success we’ve decided to code our own plugin.

The solution

You will see the simple description of all our steps. Don’t worry, you will not see any code examples, so you will understand everything with usual words. The algorithm of all this process looks like this:

  • Go to your Hubspot blog. Find the RSS link and click on it.
  • Lots of text should appear on your screen. Take a look at the browser url bar. It might say something like this maxcount=25. Change the 25 to a large number, like 2500.
  • Do a “save as” of the screen, or copy all of the text and paste it into a text editor and save it as a text file.
  • Go to your wordpress blog.
  • Install the importer (you might have it installed already).
  • Go to Tools > Import
  • Choose RSS import
  • Upload your text file.
  • Press the OK button to complete the import.

That’s it. Now that you’re blog is off of Hubspot and onto WordPress you can start moving the rest of your marketing automation.

Valery Alexeev

I'm a lead developer at Sherpa53 and my passion is helping business owners generate new leads through unique web tools that collect email addresses.

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  1. What about comments, were you able to move your comments from the Hubspot platform to your WordPress blog?

  2. Valery Alexeev July 27, 2017 at 10:41 AM

    Hey Ros, thanks for your question.

    As I know there is no such a simple solution to migrate comments. I think in this situation you can try parsing all Hubspot blog pages with PHP script and attaching comments to specific posts using WordPress API and functions.

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