Starting with Discovery


What is Discovery?

Discovery is a three-week intensive deep into your business. Through a series of consultations, we look at your goals, your competitors, your target market and the process which draws them towards becoming valuable customers. We map out the specific the framework for a marketing strategy which is tailored specifically to your business’ strengths, your customers core needs/pain points and takes advantage of the holes in the competitive market.

This process has been designed to address two key problems in most marketing plans:

  • A lack of insight into the key drivers which convert prospects into customers – this is the benchmark of marketing plans which return a low ROI on time and capital.
  • A lack of understanding into how your company truly differentiates itself from your competitors – this is characterized by marketing plans which mirror that of competitors and (at best) blend in with your competition.

Why Discovery?

Following discovery, you’ll have a clear marketing strategy that details what we’re going to do, when we're going to do it, and most importantly, why.

Here are the core deliverables you'll receive at the end of discovery:

    Identify the key drivers, interaction opportunities and buying process of your customers and highlight specific areas in which your company can leverage its existing client base, tactically develop new areas of influence and increase the conversion rates of your marketing efforts.
    Identify how your company differentiates itself from the competition in ways that connect with specific pain points unique to your target market
    Identify how your potential customers will move through the buying journey from awareness to conversion.
    Identify the exact work that needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals in terms of time and capital.* 

    * It’s important to note that while almost all of our clients contract Sherpa53 for the implementation of these strategies, we are also happy to work alongside your existing team in the fulfillment of this work, following the creation of this document.

Apply for a 30-minute strategy call and we'll see if discovery is right for your business.