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Content is the vehicle that drives your customer along the buying process, but throwing up a random 400-word blog post each week just won’t get the job done anymore in today’s competitive space.

At Sherpa53, we work with you to develop the right content for each stage of the buying process – here’s how.

Website content

Many businesses make the mistake of writing all about themselves on their website – but we’ve found that customers are usually much more interested in reading about themselves instead! Our website copy is designed to engage the customer, identify their pains with them, and build authority so that you become a trustworthy resource.

Our content writing process begins with in-depth customer research, using tools like customer profiles, surveys and conversion flow diagrams.

Downloadable resources

Ebooks, whitepapers, lead magnets – no matter what you call them – are great ways to educate your customers, cement yourself as an authority, and begin the lead nurturing relationship. But it’s hard to get a customer to opt-into your email list without providing something of real value. Of course, downloadable resources don’t always have to be text heavy… useful tools like templates and calculators are sometimes the most effective lead magnets.

For our own inbound marketing campaign, we’ve created different resources for different buyer personas.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not simply send mass emails to everyone on your list to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. Email marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to target your buyers and get the right message at the right time. We help our clients with list emails as well as drip programs that are automatically sent according to actions the customer takes on your website.

For Roka Security, we created a 5-part ecourse that’s triggered by a download from their website.

Playbooks/Powerpoint/Marketing Slicks

Once your customer makes contact with your sales team, it doesn’t mean the buying journey is over and content’s role is done. We continue building trust and consistency by bringing your design and content into sales materials for bottom of the funnel leads.

CHD Expert’s sales presentation matches the presentation that their customers are used to from their website and landing pages.

Kambiz Marashi
Zeeba Rent-a-Van - CEO

"We approached Sherpa53 because we wanted to make our website the foundation of our marketing and sales process. They helped us by creating a customer focused website that makes booking our vans easy and intuitive. The result is that we've increased our number of online bookings by over 50%. One thing I liked was their user experience knowledge and their ability to integrate an intuitive user experience with our booking system. I would recommend Sherpa53 other rental agencies with no hesitation."

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