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Why B2B Web Design Matters More Than You Think

Though the latest trends, tips and best practices of B2B web design may change as frequently as the weather, the fact that web design is critical to the success of every last element of your larger campaign is steadfast. In a lot of ways it's the spine of everything that you're doing - the common thread that brings everything together to form a living, breathing whole. From that perspective, it is in your own best interest to make sure that this spine is as strong as it can possibly be for a number of different reasons.


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The Principles of B2B Web Design

To get a better understanding of just how important B2B web design really is, consider the following statistics:
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    A full 94% of people who responded to a survey said that poor web design was the major reason why they either mistrusted a website or rejected it entirely.

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    44% of visitors say that they will leave a company's website if they can't quickly find contact information like a phone number.

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    38% of people said that they would stop engaging with a website entirely if the content or layout were unattractive or difficult to use.

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    Another 39% of people said that they would stop engaging with a website if the images either took too long to load or didn't load at all.

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    But perhaps the most important statistic of all is the following: when given just 15 minutes to read something, a full two thirds (!) of people said that they would rather read something that was beautifully designed than something plain and straightforward - even if both of those sources contained identical information.

In that way, your B2B web design becomes just another part (and a crucial one) of the larger experience that you're offering your customers. It's more than just an attractive website - it's about making it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for people to take the action you need them to take. It's about investing in your image as a reflection of your brand. It's about establishing yourself as a thought leader and offering the most consistent experience possible regardless of how someone chooses to engage with your B2B brand.

Without both acknowledging that web design is essential to your larger marketing efforts and focusing on this element day in, day out, these are the types of benefits that will be nearly impossible to achieve.

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Some of Our Successes:

roka security inner page
How we helped Roka Security create a predictable lead generation funnel that would carry them into the next decade.
layered it inner page
How we helped Layered IT reposition themselves and market the true value that only they could provide to their clients.
provisio partners inner page
How Sherpa53 helped a consulting company highlight the genuine value of their services to their clients.

The Mobile Era and B2B Web Design


B2B web design is also critical in terms of capitalizing on another one of the most important aspects of the modern marketing campaign: the all-device experience that your customers now demand.

Here are a few facts:
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    According to Pew Research Center, 95% of all Americans now own a cell phone of some kind. A full 77% of them own a smartphone, meaning a device that they can use to access the Internet in a mobile fashion.

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    Now, think about the fact that a full 53% of your B2B mobile visitors will now abandon a website entirely that takes longer than just three seconds to load.

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    Studies have also confirmed that 59% of people say they'd rather engage with beautifully designed web content than that which is simply designed.

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    Additionally, if you think that mobility is again something that only B2C marketers concern themselves with, you'll definitely want to think again - 84% of millennial B2B buyers (which is currently the largest demographic) say that mobile is vital to their experience.

Web Design Success Stories


Roka Security

Managed Cyber Security Lead Generation

When Roka Security came to us, they had done well on word of mouth and referral business, but they had never gotten a single lead from their website.

Now, just a few months later, they are getting over 20 leads per month without having to do any extra work. Roka is now also enjoying the benefit of highly targeted SEO – they’re in the top 10 of the search rankings for 25,000 monthly searches!

With the Momentum Package, it means we're always finding new keywords and topics to generate potential customers to the Roka Security website.

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"Sherpa53 helped us get to the point where we're now seeing over 20 new leads come in through our website per month."

PATRICK STUMP, Roka Security - CEO and Founder



At Sherpa53, we consider ourselves to be a true lifecycle marketing agency - which means that we offer solutions that cover the ENTIRE marketing process, from awareness to conversion and beyond. But the centerpiece of our approach - the foundation from which everything else is built, if you will - is the idea that your website is absolutely the core of your collective marketing efforts.

This is why B2B web design is absolutely critical to your long-term success. Your site is your main conversion vehicle and if you're executing inbound marketing, it's also your traffic generation engine, too. Without the best possible design at the heart of it all, you won't be able to offer your audience the experience they're looking for. If you can't do that, you're really done before you've even had a chance to start.

Think about it like this: there's an old saying that helpfully reminds us "you can only make a single first impression, so you need to make it a good one." Your website - and by association, your web design - will make the difference between a good first impression and a great one for your visitors.

To find out more information about why B2B web design is more important than you think, or to get answers to all of your other essential questions, please don't delay - contact us at Sherpa53 today.

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“I was most impressed with the amount of research and planning they put into creating and implementing our vision. Our website has brought tons of business, exposure and praise. Other than having an outstanding business mind, Nate has been a supportive and honest guide throughout the entire process.”

Mantis Energy - CEO
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"Sherpa53 helped us get to the point where we're now seeing over 20 new leads come in through our website per month.We gained a great amount of insight from working with them and will continue working with them going forward. I'm happy to recommend Sherpa53 as your digital agency of record."

Roka Security - CEO and Founder
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"Sherpa53 understands challenges MSPs and VARs face and helped me organize my marketing in a way that has allowed us to measure return on investment. Our website is now a secret member of our sales team and we know generate more leads online than we do any other way."

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