B2B Strategic Marketing Planning

Starting with Discovery

For most clients, your trek to generating more leads will start with Discovery, our two-week intensive strategy and planning system.

Through a series of consultations, we look at your goals, your competitors, your target market and the process which draws them towards becoming valuable customers.

We map out the specific the framework for a marketing strategy which is tailored specifically to your business’ strengths, your customers core needs/pain points and takes advantage of the holes in the competitive market.


This process has been designed to address two key problems in most marketing plans:

  • A lack of insight into the key drivers which convert prospects into customers – this is the benchmark of marketing plans which return a low ROI on time and capital.
  • A lack of understanding into how your company truly differentiates itself from your competitors – this is characterized by marketing plans which mirror that of competitors and (at best) blend in with your competition.

How is Discovery Structured?

Discovery is conducted through five one-on-one workshops over a two week period. Each meeting is 60 minutes, and in between meetings you'll need to spend between one and two hours preparing on your own, while our team continues to research and plan according to our 6-point digital marketing strategy system:

    At Sherpa53, we're search engine experts. We know how to get our clients ranked in Google for the most relevant and profitable keywords, helping new customers finding your website and leaving your competition in the dust.
    We create a content plan for your website and blog that will get new visitors finding your website and convert them into interested prospects.
    We work with you to develop a 90-day plan to help you maintain the marketing momentum you've just gained. Along the way, we’ll provide guidance, expertise and accountability.
    Having the able to see measure realy ROI with metrics things like your cost per customer acquisition by channel, can make a huge difference in the speed at which your company grows. We setup your analytics and give you the reports you need to be able to grow your business.
    Pay-Per-Click or PPC Ads, if done right, can produce stable and predictable revenue. We uncover the paid ads landscape in your market, starting with a complete analysis of your competition.
    We give our detailed recommendations for the exact work that needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals in terms of time and capital.

Following discovery, you’ll have a clear marketing strategy that details the exact steps that we need to take in order to accomplish your revenue goals.

Apply for a 30-minute strategy call and we'll see if discovery is right for your business.