About Sherpa53

We help B2B companies generate more leads with digital marketing

Digital marketing is a trek - it helps to have a partner by your side. We take a unique customer focused approach to B2B digital marketing, striving to build long lasting, rewarding partnerships with our clients.

We live by a few core marketing beliefs that help us keep our clients' success as our number one priority.

Focus on the buying journey

Too many businesses make the buying process confusing and difficult - lowering conversion rates. We guide your prospects into becoming new customers and building a great relationship from the start.

We measure ourselves on ROI

You need more than a website that looks slick or a social media page that brings you lots of "fans". In order for your website to be a success, you need to see a return on your marketing investment - and that's our number one goal.

If you think about it, all of your traffic sources - seo, adwords, linkedin ads or email marketing - send your visitors to one place: your website. Your website should engage your visitors and move them along the buying process.


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Nate Freedman

Owner & Chief Sherpa


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Did you know?

We’re a virtual marketing agency.

That’s right. We’re spread out all over the world come together for one shared mission: to help B2Bs generate more leads.

Working virtually allows us to source talent without any zip code restrictions. It also allows us to operate with low overhead, making us more affordable than a traditional agency.